How To Create Publisher Buyer Mapping

How To Create Publisher Buyer Mapping?

  •   This is a Publisher Buyer Mapping module, You can add, edit and delete Publisher Buyer Mapping from this interface.
  •   This is a key module of the system that controls publisher and buyer lead posting.
  •   Suppose you want to pause or resume any mapping then you set mapping status to active or inactive.
  •   You can search pubbuyermap with different parameters like leadtype, vid, buyer, buyer setup and status.
  •   You can directly open the publisher, buyer and setup edit page, just click on this link.
  •   You can map publisher and buyer from here by clicking on the add button.
  •   Select leadtype, publisher, buyer, buyersetup and hit submit button.
  •   One more facility is available in our system that you can arrange your mapping and posting order to buyer by setting orderby number.