• Round robin assignment means that each new lead is assigned to a different buyer until everyone has been assigned the same amount and the cycle repeats.
    For example, if you have three 4 buyers: Lead 1 is assigned to buyer 1. Lead 2 is assigned to buyer 2. Lead 3 is assigned to buyer 3. Lead 4 is assigned to buyer 4, then the cycle repeats.
  • You can setup round-robin for vendor wise.
  • For same vendor, If any of the buyer round-robin is turn ON, then all buyer mapped to vendor will behave as round-robin.
  • Round robin form
  • It works only when price 0 (zero) is set in orderby field for all mapped buyer.
  • It will work when vendor direct post and buyer ping/post and direct post.
  • Furthermore, it will not work when vendor post data to system using ping/post URL.