Auto Accident Leads.

These lawyer leads involve prospective claimants who have provided their express written consent to speak to a legal advocate or attorney. They can be delivered via email notification, text notification, posted to a law firm’s CRM, or by live transfer. These can be generated on a statewide or county-based level. Notably, the larger the geo-targeted area then the larger the volume of auto accident leads generated.

Workers Compensation Leads.

These inquiries involve people who have suffered an injury while at work or incurred an occupational illness. Unlike auto accidents, these personal injury leads may not have the degree scrutiny for being at-fault. And, it is a claim against the insurance provider rather than the employer.

Social Security Disability Leads.

Here, lawyer leads are based upon a claimant who has a disability and is unable to work. Hence, claimants may require representation in front of the Social Security Administration (SSA) to obtain benefits.

Mass Tort Leads.

Another source of popular legal leads involves defective drugs and medical devices. It is also referred to as mass torts, and the qualifiers differ by medical device or drug. This is a more specialized field. Most mass torts attorneys pursue signed retainers to reduce the workload.

What Is A Hernia Mesh Implant?

A hernia mesh implant is a medical procedure involving implantation of a loosely woven plastic or biological material through laparoscopic or open surgery. The surgery is performed to repair a hernia or revision of a previously implanted hernia mesh implant. It is considered as the most common elective abdominal wall procedure performed by surgeons.

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