Legal Leads

The legal industry is about as steady as can be. Estimated as a $280 billion industry by IBISWorld and projected to steadily grow over the next five years, it’s safe to say our good ol’ law practices are doing just fine. As you probably know, this includes everything from 1-man practices to established mega firms with hundreds of practicing attorneys. While this variance in size couples with differences in services offered and coverage area, one commonality among most law practices is the reliance on new, online technologies. That’s where lead generation companies step in.

Legal Lead Generation

Similar to the legal industry as a whole, legal is a steady and popular vertical. Lead generation campaigns specialize in everything from individual criminal representation to larger firms trying to locate new additions to class action lawsuits. Like any lead vertical, if you can find someone in need of a specific service, you can likely find someone else generating leads for it. As you’d imagine, this variation in legal services breeds a wide range of lead values. These values may influence not only the leads you generate, but the way you market your service as well.

How To Do It

Legal leads and their distribution process is fairly standard across the industry. Legal leads are primarily distributed the same way as standard web leads or calls. While this requires you to have a lead distribution system capable of distributing leads and/or calls in real-time, it does not necessarily require ping post technology. However, as the lead industry continues to evolve, more lead sellers continue to take advantage of ping post software and its ability to increase coverage and ensure every lead is sold for its maximum value.

How Big Pharma’s Off-label Marketing Leads To Mass Torts: The War Against Defective Drugs And Medical Devices

The legal and ethical dimensions of off-label promotion of drugs and medical devices is surrounded by safety, efficacy, and profit.

The FDA is on one end of the battle continuum, while Big Pharma is on the other. The following mass tort article leads into the following topics:

  • Background of Off-Label Promotion
  • Potential Claims Against Manufacturers
  • General Defenses To Patients’ Claims
  • Arguments Surrounding Off-Label Promotions
  • Landmark Cases For Off-Label Promotions
  • Where We Stand Today

If you pursue mass tort leads and signed retainers at your law firm, this seminar paper may be of interest.

Sources And Types of Mass Tort Lead Generation

The main sources of mass tort lead generation and marketing for defective drugs and medical devices include the internet and broadcast media (radio and television).

We specialize in providing signed retainer agreements. We also can deliver web form leads and live transfer calls to your legal intake center.

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