Ping Post Lead Distribution Software USA

Our cloud based solution is perfect for lead vendors and lead generation companies and even call centers who need to distribute and post their lead in real time.

Struggling to manage your flow of leads from your network of publishers? Meet PTS.

Getting leads distributed from your traffic sources to your buyers at a Fraction of the Price is what we do best.

Ping post allows a lead seller

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Make Your Own Lead Price Deal With Buyers And Earn 100% Profit.

Maximize ROI With Ping Tree Lead Generation

Ping post allows a lead seller to send partial information, the ping, of a lead to their network of lead buyers. The buyer then determines whether he or she would like to purchase the lead based on this information.

With so many channels to get the leads from like, social media, telephone, email, website, etc. It’s hard to manage the leads without a dedicated tool to analyse the ROI on each channel’s marketing.

Unlike our competition, our system is fully customizable to your exact needs. In fact we build out a custom solution for each client. Plus we’re more affordable too.

The Ping Tree Difference

  • Automate lead distribution
  • Contact management
  • CRM tools
  • All compliance third party integrations
  • Custom CRM integrations
  • Multiple distribution logic variations
  • and more…

What Our Clients Say

Kyle Edward
Kyle Edward
I have used Ping Tree Systems for nearly 4 years now and it's always worked well and been very cost effective.
Hassan Khalid
Hassan Khalid
I'm using PTS from last 2 years. The best part which them is they are available 24/7 whenever you need them. Open for discussion and support.
Syed Abbas
Syed Abbas
Normally I don't write reviews but with the work Ping tree systems have done I have to write this. I've been with Ping Tree Systems has been amazing with us. Their customized solutions are top-notch, seamlessly fitting our needs. The speed of implementation is impressive, reflecting their commitment to efficiency in a fast-paced business world. Mahesh Ji, the owner, sets a stellar example. His hands-on approach and dedication are evident throughout the company. The support team is equally commendable—responsive, friendly, and always willing to assist. In a nutshell, Ping Tree Systems is the go-to for tailored solutions, swift implementation, and exceptional support. Cheers to Mahesh Ji and the entire team for the phenomenal job.
ziplead digital
ziplead digital
I have had the privilege of working closely with Pingtree Systems since September 2019, and I can confidently say that they have been instrumental in the growth and success of our business, Zip Lead Digital. They developed a cutting-edge system for us that has completely transformed our operations. Their solution is not just sophisticated; it's tailor-made to meet our unique needs. It has streamlined our processes, increased efficiency, and improved our overall performance. What sets Pingtree Systems apart is their deep knowledge and expertise in the technology industry. They have a pulse on the latest trends and innovations, including ping and post technology. PingTreeSystems Support and Development Team: The teams at Pingtree Systems is nothing short of exceptional. They are responsive, attentive, and always ready to assist us. Whenever we have a question or need assistance, they are there to guide us through, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. Our experience working with together has been commendable and they always go above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction and prioritize building strong, long-lasting partnerships. Their expertise in the lead industry is second to none, as they understand the intricacies of our industry and have tailored their solutions accordingly, giving us a significant advantage in our partnership. We are looking forward to working together.
Keith Guirao
Keith Guirao
I started using PingTreeSystems in June 2022. Since then, it has been a phenomenal system to use on a daily basis. You can build an entire business around it. Mahesh and his team have been in the affiliate and lead generation industry for over 12+ years, and they understand the needs that any company would need. Because of their knowledge and expertise, they have built a system that can be controlled on a granular scale. The Development and Support team gives excellent project estimates on how long any custom development will take. They are also effortless to work with regarding the requirements I need per lead type and per publisher. Given all the correct details, they can troubleshoot any issues within 24 hours. Overall, PTS has been a great company to work with! There are no regrets about migrating to this system and building a foundation around it to run an entire business.
Smart Swift
Smart Swift
I would like to thank Ping Tree System for an amazing software experience. I work with them since June 2020, their support team is very helpful and always respond fast We are in the moving industry, and their software is engaged and support our industry Ping Tree has knowledge in lots other industries but we only used their moving industry knowledge We are using them for 3 years now and I recommend others to try their ping/post software. Its great!
Martin Bindslev
Martin Bindslev
I have been working with "Ping Tree Systems" since September 2020, and I am delighted to share my experience with their lead management system and services. From the outset, the lead managing system they developed for us has been a game-changer. It has revolutionized our lead generation and management processes, providing us with invaluable insights and streamlining our operations. One aspect that sets "Ping Tree Systems" apart is their extensive knowledge in the lead industry. Their team demonstrates a deep understanding of the intricacies of lead generation, enabling us to target the right audience effectively. Their insights and expertise have significantly enhanced our strategies and results. Moreover, the support team at "Ping Tree Systems" has been nothing short of exceptional. They are responsive, proactive, and always ready to assist with any issues or questions we have. Their commitment to providing comprehensive assistance has fostered a strong sense of trust and reliability in our partnership. The development team's skills deserve special mention. They have showcased excellent technical proficiency and attention to detail, resulting in a reliable and efficient lead management system. Their dedication to continuous improvement ensures that the system meets our evolving needs. Overall, I must emphasize that the service provided by "Ping Tree Systems" is truly the best. Their professionalism, commitment, and customer care have consistently exceeded our expectations. It is a pleasure working with a company that goes above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. In conclusion, I highly recommend "Ping Tree Systems" to any business seeking an outstanding lead management system, exceptional industry knowledge, and top-notch service. Working with them has been instrumental in our business growth and success.
Alan Cutler
Alan Cutler
I have been working with ping tree systems since May 2019 and have always found them very knowledgeable and able to do the work quickly and efficiently. There system is always evolving which is great, making it better and better.
Rafay Haq
Rafay Haq
Ping tree systems has been a delight to work with. I found Ping tree systems 5 years ago in 2019 and it has been an absolutely blissful experience working with them. They created my custom system better than my expectations at a very reasonable price. Their entire team is true expert in their field and very savvy with the latest trends in the tech industry. Probably the best customer support I have ever seen in any other company worldwide. If there is any issue ever (which is very rarely), their team is always on top of it and they bring out resolutions within a few hours. I would recommend Mahesh and his team at Ping Tree Systems in a heartbeat.
I have worked with them for around 4 years and they've done a great job helping me to implement a lead tracking system that's elevated my business. They're customer service team is very helpful and they are very knowledgeable about the entire lead industry.
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Ready To Take Your Company To The Next Level?

PingTreeSystems was formed by industry experts who build and develop genuine customers for trusted brands. Our veteran team comes from the heart of the advertising industry. We understand quality lead generation and campaigns that scale. It’s our business to know the nature of consumers and advertisers that result in verified, high quality new customers. Not only do we have proven success in a variety of markets, but we continuously test new ways to bring in high quality customers for the brands we promote. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to our marketing machine as we’re proficient in Ping & Post, Host and Post, Lead Generation, Pay Per Call, Live Call Transfers, Phone Verified, Mobile Pay Per Call, Display Advertising, Social Media and Traditional Online Advertising.