Login Page
  •  There are 3 types of role, SuperAdmin, Publisher and Buyer.
  •  If you are admin then login as SuperAdmin.
  •  If you are a publisher then login as Publisher.
  •  If you are a buyer then login as Buyer.
Dashboard Page
  • After login , dashboard display with summary of lead report in graphical way for each leadtype.
  • On left side there are list and menus of each module required by this system.
  • First comes the User module, you can add and edit new user as superadmin or admin to manage your system on behalf of you.
What Is User Module?
  •  You can see superadmin and admin list of the system.
  •  The system has only one superdamin and others are admin.
  •  SuperAdmin has full access of the system and admin has limited access assigned by superadmin.
  •  You can add many admin of the system and assign access.
How To Change Your System Setting?
  •  You can change your password of system, just “Change Password” on top right corner of the site.
  •  On that page change your password.
  •  You can set your setting of the system, just click “Setting” on top right corner of the site.
  •  You can change your basic details of the superadmin like first name, last name, company name.
How To Setup Your Stripe Payment Gateway And Sendgrid For Email?
  • You can set your Stripe Payment Gateway.
  •  Set Active or Inactive of the stripe.
  •  You can also set live or test mode of stripe.
  •  Add your stripe secret key and publisher key.
  •  You can set your Sendgrid Email Marketing.
  •  If you want to send lead via email then use this module.
  •  Set your username, password / API key, from name and from email to verify.
  •  If you don’t want this please blank it.
How To Setup Your SMS Integration?
  •  If you want to send leads via SMS then use this module.
  •  There are 2 different way to send leads via SMS. 
  •  One is Twilio and the other is ClickSend.
  •  You can use any of the above, just their valid details of a particular textbox.
  •  If you don’t want this feature then tick the “Not Needed Now” radio button.
How To Setup Your Google Sheet Integration?
  •  If you want to send leads into Google Sheet then use this feature.
  •  To use this feature then add Client ID, Client Secret ID and Refresh Token.
  •  To Get Refresh Token then click on Get Refresh Token link.
  •  Copy Refresh Token text from the new page then paste into Refresh Token textbox.
How To Create Lead Type And Their Fields?
  • Then comes the leadtype module, You can add, manage and delete leadtype from this interface.
  •  You can see there are many different leadtypes.
  •  You can add the purchase new leadtype just click on “Add” button on the top right corner.
  •  You can also manage your leadtype click on “Manage” button.
  •  You can set your posting method, Ping-Post and Only Post.
  •  You can add or delete your Additional Fields just click “Add More” or “Remove” button.
  •  If you want more info then hover on the “info” icon.
How To Copy Embedded Iframe Code?
  • You can active or inactive your leadtype just change status of leadtype.
  •  There are 3 types of embedded iframe code which is Simple Form, Step Form and Multi Step Form.
  •  If you want to use it, click on the code icon then the code embedded in the popup will show.
  •  You can just copy and paste this iframe and put your website then the form is automatically shown.
How To Setup Publisher?
  • This is a publisher module, You can add, edit and delete publishers from this interface.
  •  You can get postingspecs url, just click the book icon.
  •  You can active or inactive your publisher, just change status of leadtype.
  •  You can select leadtype which you want to connect with publisher.
  •  You can make active your leadtype as well as set a profit margin for the publisher, check duplicate based on email or phone number, and you can also set day limit and post day limit.
How To Create Offer?
  •  This is an offer module, You can add, edit and delete buyer setup from this interface.
  •  You can add an offer, just click on the add button.
  •  There are 3 types of Payout Type which is CPS-Cost per sale, CPA – accumulator/threshold, CPL – accumulator/threshold.
  •  You can also set Payout Amount of offer.
  •  This is an example of a Post Back URL.
What Is Buyer Module?
  •  This is a buyer module, You can add, edit and delete buyers from this interface.
  •  You can on or off your buyer, just change the status of buyer.
  •  You can see the buyer fund balance and transaction, just click on the eye icon.
  •  You can search buyers with different parameters like id, name, email and status.
How To Setup Buyer?
  • You can add buyer, just click on the add button.
  •  You can also select the payment method of each buyer, which is Auto add funds from CC and Admin manual add funds.
  •  Also we have duplicate check functionality, which means we do not allow one buyer to add again.
  •  If once a buyer is added, then the buyer gets a welcome email with their credentials.
What Is Buyer Setup Module?
  •  This is a buyer setup module, You can add, edit and delete buyer setup from this interface.
  •  This is also called buyer posting specs integration setup.
  •  You can on or off your buyer setup, just change the status of setup.
  •  You can search setup with different parameters like leadtype, buyer, setup mode or status.
  •  There is one more facility in our system that is copying your buyer integration to create a new setup to save your time.
How To Setup Buyer Integration?
  •  You can add setup, just click on the add button.
  •  You can select leadtype, which you want to create new setup.
  •  You can also set Min Ping Lead Price and CPL Price for buyer.
  •  You can set buyer setup status active or inactive and test or live mode too.
How To Set Buyer Filter And Posting Method?
  •  You can also set a general buyer filter for buyer lead posting as per their need.
  •  There are 3 ways to post leads to buyer, which are Email, SMS and Using API.
  •  If you want to send leads via any method, then tick a particular checkbox.
How To Create Publisher Buyer Mapping?
  •  This is a Publisher Buyer Mapping module, You can add, edit and delete Publisher Buyer Mapping from this interface.
  •  This is a key module of the system that controls publisher and buyer lead posting.
  •  Suppose you want to pause or resume any mapping then you set mapping status to active or inactive.
  •  You can search pubbuyermap with different parameters like leadtype, vid, buyer, buyer setup and status.
  •  You can directly open the publisher, buyer and setup edit page, just click on this link.
  •  You can map publisher and buyer from here by clicking on the add button.
  •  Select leadtype, publisher, buyer, buyersetup and hit submit button.
  •  One more facility is available in our system that you can arrange your mapping and posting order to buyer by setting orderby number.
How To Upload Multiple Data Using CSV?
  •  This is an Upload Data module, You can Upload multiple Data from this interface.
  •  You can select vid and leadtype to upload data and Upload a CSV file full of data.
  •  And then map your CSV fields to system postingspecs fields.
What Is Lead Module?
  •  This is the lead Module, you can see all generated leads from this module.
  •  You can also delete your lead, just click on the trash icon of lead.
  •  Brief information display on the listing page, you can see full lead detail by clicking the view icon.
  •  You can also change your lead status from here.
  •  You can also see the lead transaction journey by clicking the view log icon, you will come to know, from where lead generated, to whom it was posted, what was status, response from all buyers, how much time each buyer took to process lead etc.
  •  By clicking on the download button you can export the lead in csv file.
  •  You can search your lead with different parameters like daterange, leadid, name, email, phone, buyer, publisher etc…
How To Send Test Lead Via Test Form?
  •  Lead form module is also available to test lead with buyer.
  •  Select vid or istest checkbox to submit lead to buyer live url or test url.
  •  If you want to post lead into the system via ping and post then tick this checkbox.
  •  If you want to clear all form data then Click here.
What Is Report Module?
  •  Finally we came to the report module.
  •  There are 2 types of graph report, which are Pie Chart and Baar chart.
  •  In Pie chart, it shows full records from the start.
  •  In the Baar chart, it shows the last 30 days records.
  •  There are two types of reports, one is lead report and second is revenue report.
  •  You can filter your report by daterange and publisher or buyers.