PingPost is a network of host & post and pay per call campaigns covering several verticals. PingPost’s unique self-service technology gives lead buyers the ability to purchase real-time leads based on their criteria and desired daily amount of leads. Our seller platform gives lead sellers the opportunity to earn top dollar for posting leads or driving calls into our network.

Our Focus

We focus on serving individual agents, local and nationwide agencies, and affiliate partners to offer a one stop integration solution.

Our Technology

Our state-of-the-art technology empowers our customers to deal directly with lead partners through our exchange, thereby saving you valuable time and increasing your return on your marketing dollars to give you an edge over the competition.

Pingtreesystems specializes in Insurance Leads, Life Insurance Leads, Auto Insurance Leads, Home Insurance Leads, Mortgage Loan Leads, Health Insurance Leads, and Lead Generation.

Process Of Ping And Post

The ping post process allows a lead seller to send (ping) only partial information to their network of buyers. The buyer then determines whether he or she would like to purchase the lead based on this partial information. This ping delivers only the information that is required for the buyers to make an informed purchase.For example, a ping will include information like Affiliate ID, location and answers to qualifying questions yet exclude any sensitive or personally-identifiable information.

The seller gathers the responses and can then make a determination as to which company will receive the full lead details, including contact information. This entire process is done in real-time, taking only seconds to complete from start to finish.

Process of Ping Post System

How Ping Post Helps The Lead Buyer?

The primary way in which ping post helps the lead buyer is by giving them more flexibility in determining what they purchase and at what price points. All leads are not created equal and the two-way communication process of ping post allows lead buyers to better define the qualifications of a lead at a given price.Ping post also opens up lead buyers to more supply because companies can test more 3rd-party affiliates with less risk given the variable pricing.

How Ping Post Helps The Lead Seller?

The primary way in which ping post helps the lead seller is by maximizing the revenue of each lead generated through the dynamic bidding process. As more buyers have the ability to dynamically reply to pings, lead sellers can ensure that the highest bidder(s) receive the full lead details.Lead sellers also benefit from the ping post process by protecting one of its most important assets, the full lead information.

Benefits Of Ping Post System :

1. Protect Information :-

The primary benefit of ping post is the ability to protect information. Because a ping delivers only partial, non-contact information, the lead itself remains virtually anonymous. However, the buyer still receives the information that he/she needs to make an informed purchase. The full contact information is not shared with anyone except the buyer that wins the bid. Not only is this good for the leads, it is good for the lead industry as a whole. The more self-regulation that goes on within the lead industry now, the fewer sweeping government regulations will happen in the future.

2. A Buyer For Every Lead :-

Ping post also benefits lead generation companies themselves. By sending pings to multiple buyers, and receiving an offer based on that information, the lead seller can be confident that the lead they sold was delivered to a buyer that can either service that lead or get it to someone who can. Because ping post helps ensure that the lead’s needs are serviced, it helps protect the integrity of the lead seller’s business as well.

3. Dynamic Pricing :-

Finally, the greatest benefit of ping post from the seller’s perspective is dynamic pricing. Within ping post, lead sales follow a consistent, static pricing pattern. However, ping post allows for dynamic pricing for each lead. This means that each lead can be sold for its maximum price, which can completely optimize your selling process.