Tips To Generate High-Quality Solar Sales Leads

Solar Leads sales, as does the competition. To win in this market, you need to get the most value out of your leads. Get the powerful Solar Lead Generation Software solution that can dramatically increase your contact rate, automate workflows and maximize profitability…while maintaining compliance.

As the demand for Solar sales lead generation services have risen, many service providers have turned to lead generators to supply them with prospective buyers. And for that reason, Ping Post Lead Distribution continue to be one of the fastest growing verticals in the lead generation industry.

Pros Of Generating Your Own Solar Leads

Generating your own solar leads can come with a lower price tag. Paid and organic search as well as targeted social media ads are cheap, and if done right, offer a good return.

Potential for authentic interaction. When you establish an organic lead, that lead is all yours. Plus, you’ll likely have had some prior interaction with your lead, establishing trust and rapport.

Lead generation is one of the biggest problems that most solar installation companies face. Getting qualified commercial and residential solar leads requires much more work than paying for a billboard. Solar lead generation requires creating interest in your services, presenting your value proposition, and convincing solar energy leads to choose your business.

Inbound marketing is all about getting your company directly in front of customers who are already searching for installation services, which makes your solar lead generation efforts easier and much more successful.

Instead of bothering people who may or may not be interested in solar panels, you just need to make it easy for those who are actively interested in solar to find your company and become a solar lead.

When you let potential customers find you at their own pace instead of harassing them with phone calls during dinner, you’re already one step closer to making a sale.

Get More Qualified Solar Leads Online Today

At PingTree System, our expert team of Internet marketers knows exactly what it takes to execute successful inbound marketing strategies within the solar industry.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses achieve new heights of success, and we’d be delighted to work with you and your company to locate, develop, and convert high-quality solar leads into customers.

Too Many Eligibility Criteria To Qualify As Solar Leads

Best solar leads company is booming, but the sales process is daunting due to the complex eligibility criteria. To be a potential solar lead, one has to mark checks on many boxes:

  • You need to be a homeowner with a decent bank credit score for residential solar services.
  • A home can’t have shade on the roof.
  • The roof must also adhere to specific standards. For instance, it should be made with suitable materials, can’t have dormers, and more.
  • You can set up a solid lead qualification process to ease the pain. But I think there are many restrictions in this industry compared to others.

Brand Recognition

Solar lead generation sales thrive on the brands that it creates. It is crucial for solar installers to present themselves as a reputable company.

To get this part right, a business must invest a significant amount of time and money in marketing and PR to build trust.

Reaching Out To Potential Customers & Load Balancing

The primary tussle is that you have a big-ticket prospect, which means it is way more challenging to close solar leads compared to selling subscriptions to an OTT platform.

You need to adopt an omnichannel approach to get your prospects into confidence, plus speed up the task.

Target Homeowner Communities

Local homeowner communities are some of the best places for your brand to get business.

For this, you need to approach different communities and get in touch with their secretaries or board members.

Many communities today also have dedicated websites that present you with sponsorship opportunities.

You can list your brand on their website and can also sponsor different festivals, picnics, tournaments, exhibitions, etc., to promote your brand.

Smaller communities might not have a website but might have a Facebook group that gives you the required information.

Even if these groups don’t allow solicitors, you can use them for making initial contact with the leading authorities.

Case Studies

Case studies paint a real-life picture to your potential leads of how your services exceeded a client’s expectations. However, companies don’t know how to leverage case studies for organic lead generation.

Here are some ideas to create impactful case studies with the support of your paying customers:

  • Ask your existing customers to state the benefits of switching to sular.
  • Ask the customer to emphasize why your company is the best fit to make that switch.
  • Offer generous discounts to existing customers who agree to feature in your next case study.
  • Smartly place these on your high-converting landing page, send them via email marketing campaign, and use them in paid ads. Potential customers might be more interested in hearing your sales pitch, with a happy customer vouching for your services.

So, show the case studies of your happy customers to potential prospects during your in-person sales visits.