Stripe Payment Gateway

We’re continuously working on improving Terminal to help businesses better serve their customers, and we’re excited to share the latest updates that enable our users to reach more customers globally, start accepting in-person payments faster, and deliver a frictionless checkout experience for more use cases.

How to set up Stripe Payment Gateway in our system?

  • For using this feature you can add your Stripe Secret key and publisher key from stripe account.
  • You can set Active or Inactive of the stripe.
  • You can also set live or test mode of stripe.

How to accept payment on your site by integrating Stripe Payments had a need to integrate a payment processing on the site for its customers for which we were thinking of Paypal as the only solve. Then someone told us about We took a look and at the first site itself it looked really simple to integrate. It was almost too good to be true so we tried to give it a spin. We were able to integrate a simple payment form hosted on Stripe in just 30 mins. That was incredible to say the least. The next step was to integrate the payment right on our own site, without having to worry about users leaving the site or their credit card data entering ours, and this short tutorial is for that.

Stripe has great documentation on so the best way is to follow it page by page but this blog may give you pointers to make the integration easier hopefully.