Do You Have A Sendgrid Account? Integrate It With PingTreeSystems

Delivering emails is a large part of any lead generation company’s back-office tasks. Because of this, we provide a built in integration with Sendgrid in every lead distribution system. This allows you to easily sync your Sendgrid account with your pingtreesystems and begin distributing all emails with the reliability of Sendgrid’s services and the automation and customization of your pingtreesystems lead distribution software.

How It’s Used In The System

Sendgrid email deliveries are utilized in a number of ways within your system. Since all email deliveries in the system can be done through Sendgrid, all of your emails and deliveries to your vendors, buyers, internal team and even leads can be sent through your Sendgrid account settings for improved deliverability.

Don’t Have A Sendgrid Account?

If you don’t have a Sendgrid account, we would encourage you to sign up for one here.

How To Set It Up

  • Integrating your Sendgrid account to your pingtreesystems lead distribution system is quite simple.
  • You can add credentials in our crm setting page.
  • Full lead details send via Email using these SendGrid Email
  • We provided to verify your credentials first to before save into system.