Leads are key to growing revenue. The more leads your business has, the more opportunities it has to make a sale. If your sales team is focused on calling leads, managing leads can take away from their ability to call. Businesses can take advantage of lead distribution systems to automate lead routing and effectively distribute leads to their sales team.

Pingtree Systems integrates phone systems with sales software to give businesses a holistic sales tool. A Lead Distribution System is included with the Lead & Contact Management package. This system handles lead management and streamlines the sales process. Before you request a demo, allow our professionals to fill you in on the benefits of lead distribution systems and the features offered with the software.

Advantages Of Lead Routing And Distributing Leads

As referenced above, lead the board frequently removes time from sales reps and thus, they settle on less decisions. With a lead circulation framework set up, your outreach group invests less energy dealing with the leads and additional time making deals. In the mean time, the best leads are focused on to offer your outreach group the best chances.

Powerful lead dispersion will likewise keep your outreach group glad. Since the best leads are focused on, your outreach group doesn’t need to manage frail leads so regularly. They can likewise be equitably dispersed to ensure every sales rep has a reasonable number of leads. Our framework can likewise plan any subsequent calls with expected prompts keep your outreach group in touch with their chance.

Line Based Routing

Leads are dispersed by line. Every sales rep is appointed to a line and afterward reached on a first started things out in, first-out premise. At the point when a sales rep is finished with a call, they get another lead that they can call right away. As guests finish their calls, they can hope to have another lead in their line.

This framework viably oversees lead circulation and keeps your outreach group occupied. It additionally removes the need to impart who is calling which leads. Needs can be set by the board to hold deals back from looking through prompts call. This framework drops a ton of weight from of lead conveyance and computerizes the cycle to smooth out your outreach group.

Lead And Contact Management Tools

Pingtree systems administrations go past steering leads. Our Lead and Contact Management administrations conveys various instruments that will smooth out your business cycle. We comprehend the significance of staying in touch with your possible leads. Keeping your items and administrations on the client’s psyche will improve your odds at making the deal.

Pingtree Systems consolidates Lead Management and Tracking and Lead Nurturing and Follow-Up. These highlights will ensure your outreach group is on top of each lead and never misses a subsequent arrangement. In addition, the outreach group approaches text informing and email benefits that can robotize lead age and subsequent meet-ups.[/vc_column_text]

Completely Customizable

If the lead distribution comes with pre-built templates, then that might not be good news. For some businesses, like an automobile seller, geographical distribution is important. But for an insurance business, getting in touch with the customer is more important. So, availability based distribution will be an essential feature. Which is why your distribution software should be customizable to suit your business’ needs.

Benefits Of A Lead Distribution System:

  • Reduced turn around time: Because of instant distribution, the time it takes for the salesperson to make the first call is reduced. This means instant responses and increased prospect satisfaction
  • Increased transparency: Since the entire process is automated, there will be no confusion in terms of the leads assigned. There will be a clear view of who the lead owner is and how many leads were assigned to him.
  • Better lead quality: Only qualified leads are distributed to the leads. Which means that there is no necessity for the salesperson to spend time nurturing the lead until they are sales-ready.
  • More accurate targeting: Leads that belong to a particular bucket are assigned to the respective salesperson. As they would have some amount of expertise with that lead’s requirements, it becomes easier to sell to him.
  • Increased sales efficiency: As the process becomes simpler and straightforward, this directly affects how efficient the salespeople are in terms of closing the deals.
  • Accurate revenue attribution: There is now no room for confusion as to whose lead brought in the most revenue. Since everything is mapped together, this makes for precise attribution.
  • No room for manual errors: When manual distribution happens, chances of missing out on leads or assigning the same leads to multiple people is possible. This can be eliminated with a lead distribution software.

So, does your company have a distribution system in place? Or do you still manually assign leads to your team? If you do, then you should consider getting one to make your and your team’s lives much simpler. Take a look at Pingtree Systems which combines the features of a CRM and a lead distribution system to make for an awesome sales execution platform.