Solar lead sellers want you to believe that generating your own leads is very difficult. Here’s how they’re misleading you and how to beat them.

Local Vs National Solar Lead Generation

Sites like SolarReviews, Clean Energy Experts, and EnergySage compete on a national level. This creates a problem for them that you don’t have. People are searching for solar companies locally!

One reason customer acquisition costs are so high is there’s a fundamental disconnect between solar lead sellers’ business model and what people actually want. They try and sweep this fact under the rug because if regional installers found out and took advantage of it, aggregators would lose a ton of business.

Local SEO Aka Map Pack

Once more, sun powered lead aggregators are mysteriously absent here. They likewise will not at any point have the option to rank in the guide pack, since they don’t have a nearby business!

Let that hit home. Google realizes that individuals searching for sun powered installers close to them need to really see organizations close by. For Google to manage its work, they need to ensure you. This chance alone makes a channel among you and SolarReviews!

You Can Generate Your Own Solar Leads

I’ve effectively covered the disadvantages of purchasing sunlight based leads. So, you need to battle with:

  1. No brand acknowledgment
  2. Conflicting quality
  3. No influence over message
  4. No information on lead source
  5. No selectiveness
  6. Lower edge
  7. Lower transformations

Rather than doing that, produce your own sun oriented leads. On the off chance that you can’t do it without anyone’s help, enlist somebody to do it for you. In case you will be paying at any rate, why not put resources into developing your image?