Everything You Need to Know Solar Lead Generation

What is Solar Lead Generation?

Solar lead generation is the process of attracting interest from potential solar panel customers and converting that interest to a “lead”.

3 Key challenges for solar lead generation faced by solar companies :

  1. Too many eligibility criteria to qualify as solar leads:
  2. Solar technology is booming, but the sales process is daunting due to the complex eligibility criteria.

    To be a potential solar lead and Solar lead generation, one has to mark checks on many boxes:

    You need to be a homeowner with a decent bank credit score for residential solar services. A home can’t have shade on the roof.

    The roof must also adhere to specific standards. For instance, it should be made with suitable materials, can’t have dormers, and more.

    You can set up a solid lead qualification process to ease the pain. But I think there are many restrictions in this industry compared to others.

  3. Brand recognition :
  4. Solar sales lead generation thrive on the brands that it creates. It is crucial for solar installers to present themselves as a reputable company.

    To get this part right, a business must invest a significant amount of time and money in marketing and PR to build trust.

  5. Reaching out to potential customers & load balancing :
  6. The primary tussle is that you have a big-ticket prospect, which means it is way more challenging to close solar leads compared to selling subscriptions to an OTT platform.

    You need to adopt an omnichannel approach to get your prospects into confidence, plus speed up the task.

    For example, if you wish to close a solar deal, it requires an in-person visit to assess that particular home’s condition.

    This process of reaching out to potential customers creates the challenge of load balancing.

    There are times when your sales reps can be busy with other leads, or they might have to encounter no-shows.

    So, to boost your solar sales, your Best solar leads company customer management must be balanced against your multiple clients dealing (from online interaction, phone calls, or in-person meetings).

Three Major Solar Lead Generation Options, Free and Paid

Let’s put things in context so you can understand possible lead generation scenarios in the first place (the next few paragraphs easily apply to other lead generation avenues, not just solar leads).

So, you can get solar leads – and any other leads, for that matter – in three principal ways:/

  • General solar leads for free using earned media
  • Generate solar leads using paid advertising.
  • Buy solar leads from solar lead generators.

Three major solar lead generation strategies:

  1. Earned Media:
  2. Growing your online presence is a great long-term strategy that, alas, works immediately only if you’re an established brand. For smaller companies, though, it may take considerable time and effort before their content can generate solar leads. This is why many aspiring solar businesses refer to paid advertising or buy solar leads from lead generation companies.

  3. Paid Advertising:
  4. Paid advertising allows you to quickly tap into the stream of solar leads, but it’s quite short-lived (customers are there only until ads are there) and requires a budget and almost as much knowledge as organic solar lead generation. That said, solar businesses of all scales actively use paid advertising to acquire customers.

  5. Lead Generators:
  6. Buying solar leads is immediate: you get solar leads you’ve paid for, choosing the target demographic and purchase intent level. On the other hand, buying solar leads always means considerable expenses, so you must have a decent conversion rate to make profits.

    Ping post allows a lead seller to send partial information, the ping, of a lead to their network of lead buyers. The buyer then determines whether he or she would like to purchase the lead based on this information. This ping delivers only the information that is required for the buyers to make an informed purchase but not the contact information of the lead that is the Ping Post Lead Distribution.