Affiliate System To Manage, Track, Analyse And Optimize Online Advertising Campaigns In Real-Time

Step 1: Leads Enter PingTree System

Each individual lead enters the PingTreesystem either from your form or a post from a vendor. This lead enters in accordance to your lead type parameters as well as with a Source (SRC) value that provides additional segmentation options.

Step 2: PingTree System Removes All Ineligible buyers

Next, the lead attempts to match to one or more buyers in the system. However, first the system removes all buyers that are not eligible to purchase the lead. All buyers that lack available funds, a matching filter set or an activate account are not eligible to receive the lead and are immediately removed from consideration.

Step 3: Matching Filter Sets Are Sorted By Price or Priority

Once all ineligible buyers are removed, the system then gathers all filter sets that match to the criteria of the lead. These matching filter sets are then sorted by priority or price. With standard real-time distribution, filter sets with the highest priority are considered first with all filters sets with equal priority going into round robin distribution. With ping post distribution, priority is determined by the bidding prices of each buyer.

Step 4: Lead is Routed to the Buyer(s)

Finally, after the matching filter sets are sorted, the corresponding buyer(s) then officially purchase the lead which is then delivered in real-time.

This process is a fairly high-level view of a lead’s path through the PingTree system. However, with advanced settings resting both where the lead enters the system and also in the buyer filter sets, there are additional ways to customize this process to your specific needs. We would be happy to discuss this process or any custom distribution logic your business may requires. Feel free to give us a call at +91 (903) 387-9840 or click the link below to request a demo.